15 Non-Clichéd Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Better Half

According to Paolo Coelho, love is just a random word, until someone comes along and gives meaning to it. Yes, this powerful emotion exists across species and transcends all bounds. It gives one an unbelievable amount of endurance, empathy, and the ability to make precious, bejeweled moments. It opens up one’s heart and fills it with a gooey warmth. It is the religion of poets and the muse of artists. If you’ve happened to experience ‘love’ at first hand, then you should count yourself among the lucky ones. Also, prepare. Prepare for the day which is dedicated to the sole celebration of love, i.e. Valentine’s Day.

Aye, the season of love is upon us, which means it is time to head out on the gift hunt. The exchange of presents may only be a small part of the occasion, yet it is hardly insignificant. It reinforces the relationship by making your better half feel special and loved. The gift itself needs to convey a high level of attention to detail. This means that you shouldn’t simply head to the dollar store and pick random stuff off the shelf, or go the most expensive shops and get shockingly pricey items. No, you need to plan this out properly by first observing your partner’s unique quirks and then basing your selection on them.

However, in case you have run out of ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and need a helping hand, then consider this post as your knight in shining armor. Below are mentioned out-of-the-box listings that are not your usual teddy bear, box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses. No, these are non-clichéd entries, which are sure to make your better half swoon around with exuberant joy. Check them out.

Fill-in-the-Love Journal

Most of the time, you do not get a chance to tell your loved one all the wonderful changes they have brought into your life. With this crafty journal, you can. Yes, created by Knock Knock, this ‘What I Love About Us’ book has a fill-in-the-blank format and is ideal for partners who’re into writing. You can get a hardcover copy for $9.72 on Amazon. Place your order now to get it on time.

Touch Lamps

What better way to say “I’m thinking about you” than a gleam of warm blue light? Yes, with this set of lamps, you can convey emotion across long distances. Simply hook the lamps with the in-home Wi-Fi, let them sync up and touch the top to light them both simultaneously. It’s like sending a secret message. Make sure your network is up to speed for this and has a quality offered in Windstream packages or some such connections. You can get these Touch Lamps for about $170 on uncommon goods.

Dual-End Charging Cable

Charge your partner’s device alongside yours simultaneously, with Kikkerland’s Valentine-special Dual Heart iPhone charging cable, available on Amazon for $15 in the color ‘red’.

Mini Cryptex

Is your loved one a fan of complex puzzles and Dan Brown? Then, gift them a mini cryptex this Valentine’s Day, which comes in special packaging and can be unlocked with the default password, ‘iloveu’. You can order it from Amazon for $51.99.

Astrological Oil

Build on your partner’s interest in astrology and horoscope by gifting them a star-special aromatic oil number, ranging from Capricorn to Libra, this Valentine’s Day. AscAlchemica brings you a wide collection of dark-hued bottles, each available for purchase on Etsy for a mere $20.

Customized Blanket

If yours is a long and ardent relationship, then print its memoirs on a personalized blanket from Collage and gift it to your better half. You have multiple pricing options for the fabric type, the size, the style, the home delivery, and of course, the assortment of photos.

Retro Cam

Is photography your partner’s forte? Then, why not gift them an old-school Polaroid that perfectly blends contemporary with classic? Yes, the OneStep 2 i-Type camera is available on the Polaroid Originals site for $99.99 in a variety of colors and accessories.

Constellation Map

Immortalize your first romantic evening by getting a special constellation map for the exact time and date from Etsy for about $64.95. This WoodLifePrints item enables you to select the size and the color scheme to make it as personalized as ever.

Flower Soap

Instead of a traditional bouquet, I’d recommend you to consider gifting your loved one a box of flower-based soap accessories, consisting the essences of jasmine, gardenia, peony and calla lily, this Valentine’s Day. Such a luxurious box can be found on uncommon goods for $28.

Date Night Post

Haven’t gone on a proper date in a long time? How about you change that by slipping this ultra-cute “Let’s Go On a Date” letter into your partner’s purse this Valentine’s Day? Get a box of these sixty ‘LoveMessagesXO’ hand-made creations from Etsy for $31.50 only.

USB Mix Tape

Turn a nostalgic corner by gifting a mix-tape USB to your significant other, packed with around 900 minutes of their favorite tunes. You can order it online from for $6.99 and take a walk down the memory lane.

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