Top 5 Tips to Prepare PMP Certification Exam Amid Covid 19

A PMP Certification is Project Management Certification which is a recognised credential in the industry for project managers.

PMP shows the experience, education and competency required to work and direct projects. PMP is the most wanted certification administered by the Project Management Institute, USA.

If you have a PMP certification with you it shows that you are serious about the project Management and you have worked hard on it. Having the PMP certification provides you with a level of prestige and helps you access jobs with higher salaries, which you may not be able to do without the certification.

A PMP is important in every industry and is imperative everywhere which means that having a PMP certification is certification.

Since we have established that PMP certification is a very important one it is also important to know how to prepare properly for your PMP exam.

Unfortunately, we have been struck by the Coronavirus outbreak this year and most governments around the world decided to shut down all educational institutions. This shutdown has impacted students, teachers and even families. People preparing for competitive exams got stuck at homes and could not avail any coaching. PMP certification exam aspirants were also not spared which means that you have to prepare for your valuable PMP exam at home. Now we understand that it can be difficult to prepare for such a crucial exam at home because of many reasons.

We are here to provide you with tips to prepare for the PMP certification exam amid the Covid 19 crisis. These tips will ensure that you do not have to face any problem in your preparation and when you sit for your exam you are confident and well prepared.

Here are the top 5 tips for preparation of PMP certification exam amid Covid 19:

1. Choose an Online Course : Due to the coronavirus outbreak this year, offline coaching for the exam is not available. Hence, it would be a great choice if you opt for a good online course which provides you with complete knowledge about PMP certification. You can choose the Henry Harvin PMP certification course which will provide you with all the knowledge you need. Choosing an online course will help you prepare for the exam as the course will give you all the knowledge. Another benefit of choosing an online program will be having a mentor and a resource to study from. Online courses also allow you to complete them at your own pace so that will not be a problem as well. No pressure at all!

2. Form a Study Plan: Since it is an important exam it is optimum to form a study plan. Everyone is different, everyone has a different study plan so it is important to form your study plan which works best for you. Remember to set realistic goals for yourself and not burden yourself as that will only decrease your productivity. Do not forget to take breaks when you sit down to study because taking breaks will only increase your productivity. It is also important to take proper diet and have a proper sleep schedule so that don’t fall sick.

3. Take Mock Tests: This is one of the most important things to do when preparing for the exam. Practice makes perfect, so cash in of our exam simulator. Completing mock exams are a sure way of highlighting the areas your knowledge is lacking to assist prioritise some time before taking your exam. When you sit down for your mock test always keep in mind that this is how your real exam will be and attempt accordingly. After you’re done with your mock test always come back and evaluate your mistakes. Work on those mistakes and see what can be done to better yourself.

4. Get in touch with others: We live in the era of social media there are various Facebook groups you can join to get in touch with your fellow exam givers. Talk to other people who are going to give the exam. Since you do not have any physical coaching clearing your doubts may get a little difficult, so this is where socializing will help you. You can make friends or find study groups which help you clear your doubts and also you get to see their point of view of the exam. Once you have a study group or a friend you can discuss your doubts with them. It may not seem good of an idea but believe us this is the best tip anyone could give you. Another thing that you can do is get in touch with any teachers who are willing to clear your doubts or teach you some particular topics online. There are many freelance teachers available.

5. Use a good PMP Prep Book: A good PMP textbook is a must. The PMP certification exam is filled with difficult questions as well as answers that test your knowledge and your ability to use your learning in difficult real-life scenarios. Studying for the exam could take up a big amount of some time, and can require an excellent deal of commitment. Good preparation material will assist you to know what and ease your PMP exam prep. For instance, one among the challenges that you simply will face is handling the inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs (ITTOs) of every process.

Many study materials recommend that PMP aspirants work on the fundamentals (such as why a process is employed, what the method is all about, and when the method is used) before delving into the ITTOs. So it is advised to work on the basics first, in this way you will be able to see the connections between the processes and understand them better. You need not memorize the ITTOs, which can reduce the time required to organize for questions on these topics. Spend your time researching which books work best for you and then choose wisely, because, not choosing the best could cost you a failure in your exam!

These were the Top 5 tips we have for you to prepare for your PMP exam certification amid Covid-19 crisis.

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