How To Create Innovative Instagram Story Polls


Instagram Story Polls are the best way to grab the attention of your audience. It is a key feature to stop your viewers from swiping past your Instagram story. Business profiles have a great opportunity to hear from their customers and followers directly using polls. Your stories can now have two different Instagram poll stickers. One with two customizable answer options – classic poll and the newer one – emoji slider. No matter whether you want to promote your brand or just to entertain your audience. Have an eagle eye on how to create innovative Instagram Story Polls.

Collect Feedbacks Using Instagram Story Polls:

Is there any better way than Instagram story polls to get feedback from your followers? It is an awesome tool where business organizations can directly reach their target audience. They can effectively collect feedback from their customers. Polls are the path-providers to know what kind of content their customers like more to plan for the future. Business firms and organizations can easily crowdsource different ideas to develop their brand, understanding their customer needs. It is crucial to let your audience know that you are listening back to them rather than placing the right question.

Drive Traffic To Your Website With Instagram Story Polls:

Instagram Story Polls is a new method to drive traffic to your website that only a few are aware of. Marketers were wondering how to drive more traffic to their blog posts. There came the introduction to share links on Instagram stories. You can grab your followers’ attention by simply asking questions and placing an article to swipe up. Plan your question that should be answered only after reading the entire article. They may swipe up to put their poll responses after reading your article. Hence polls are a great way to generate a ton of interest in your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Educate Your Audience With Instagram Story Polls:

You are the one who knows about your brand end-to-end. Add polls to your stories to take advantage of educating your audience on your brand. Instagram story polls can easily grab followers’ attention to rest and tap forward to get more views. Views are an important factor in increasing trust in your content. Such views can be brought in when you grab Instagram story views to boost your contents organically. Interact with your audience about your brand announcements and product updates. Make your business unique to stand out from others by placing questions for your followers.

Give Your Followers More Choices Using Emoji Slider Polls:

Now you can ask questions with more than two choices of answer options. Businesses are now making more out of Emoji Slider polls on Instagram. Your followers may be tired of answering yes/no questions. Please provide them with creative ones like emoji sliders, where they choose from multiple options. It is a fun and creative way for brands to obtain customized responses from their followers. Simply ask questions to know the insights of your audience. You can track what kind of content they like to hear more from your account. The likes and dislikes of the customer are vital for a business to develop its future brands accordingly.


No doubt that Instagram story polls always produce good results. Whenever you find yourself driving a change in your business plans due to your audience, let them know. Followers still love to interact more with you when they come to see that they have made a difference. Polls are the easy way to bring trust that your brand is approachable to your audience. They may readily interact with you when they find a real human behind their responses.

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