Top 9 factors to consider while designing a video Streaming platform

It is truly the age of everything online. Video streaming services have stayed true to this maxim and have emerged as a fundamental piece of our everyday life. With the rising interest in video content across various screens, designing an engaging and easy-to-use platform has become more significant than ever.

The UI and experience play a vital part in the outcome of any video streaming platform. According to a report by Techjury, 75% of clients judge a site’s credibility based on its design. It is fundamental to remember the preferences and expectations of the clients while developing a platform that is both simple to navigate and outwardly engaging.

This blog will discuss the nine fundamental n factors to consider while designing a video streaming platform and why UI/Client Experience design is significant for OTT.

Why is User Interface/User Experience design important for OTT?

User Interface and User Experience design play pivotal roles, shaping the viewer’s journey and influencing engagement. Let’s understand why a well-crafted UI/UX is essential for OTT services.

1. The First Impression Matters

Just as a book is judged by its cover, an OTT platform is often judged by its interface. The first few seconds a user spends on your platform can make or break the deal. A sleek, intuitive design creates an instant connection, enticing users to explore further.

2. Navigational Ease

The hallmark of an excellent online video streaming architecture in UI is its simplicity. Viewers should effortlessly glide through menus and categories. Precise, concise navigation ensures users spend more time watching content and less time trying to figure out how to get there.

3. Content Discoverability

An intuitive UX design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about helping users discover content effortlessly. Personalized recommendations and a robust search function are the core of content discoverability.

4. Seamless Watching Experience

Nobody enjoys having their binge-watching times interrupted. A carefully designed user interface reduces friction and guarantees a seamless transition between episodes. Everything, including the autoplay functions and the proper pause buttons, provides a seamless and engaging viewing experience.

Top 9 things to remember while designing a video Streaming platform

1. User Experience

OTT applications have a feature that helps users elegantly manage their content and information. This feature includes managing the user’s history track and preferred payments. The interfaces in OTT design consist of smaller components that can be divided into basic blocks and built from there.

It is easier for consumers to select what they want to watch when content categories such as movies, TV shows, genres, and languages are well divided. According to a UserZoom survey, 88% of consumers are less inclined to revisit a website or app because of a negative user experience. This stat also holds for online streaming platforms. Hence, you need to provide a stellar user experience when designing a video streaming platform.

2. AI-based personalized User Journey

Your organization should create customized user journeys by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to its full potential. You can make use of algorithms to understand consumer preferences and suggest tailored content. One way to ensure this is by creating chatbots using tools like Amazon Lex. These chatbots amplify the efficacy of customer interactions and link to company CRM and system data to deliver relevant and contextual responses to customer queries.

Such personalized experiences increase platform engagement and improve user happiness.

3. Simplified onboarding

Initial impressions count. You can leverage AI to simplify the onboarding procedure. This helps to decrease the difficulty level for new users. Your platform must offer clear instructions on how to use it. Even a streamlined sign-up procedure can guarantee that consumers can quickly access your platform.

4. Content preview

Offering a sneak peek of what’s inside the app before users sign up can help build trust in the OTT media delivery service. A practical way to encourage users to try out the service is to include a prominent ‘Free Trial For a Month’ button that guides them towards becoming paying customers.

When users get access to such content, they can evaluate if the platform is indeed worth their time. This brings them closer to your monetization avenue, like subscriptions or ad-based video watching.

5. Multilingual option

Some of the biggest challenges of online video platform are cooperation and communication with the audience..You can speak directly to your diverse audience and expand your reach by including multilingual options. This makes your content more approachable. You get a strong impetus to connect with a global audience and build stronger relationships.

6. Multi-device viewing experience

Users highly value the ability to transition between devices seamlessly. Ensure the watching experience is similar on all platforms, including smart TVs and smartphones. Make your platform screen-size-responsive. A responsive design ensures consumers have the same high-quality experience across all devices.

7. Simplified payment gateway

Having multiple payment options is crucial for providing a seamless customer experience. It frustrates users when they’re ready to pay but cannot find a suitable payment gateway.

Providing popular payment options like debit cards, credit cards, and net banking can make a huge difference. Additionally, sending reminders and allowing users to choose a convenient payment cycle can help improve customer satisfaction.

8. Push notifications

Push notifications have several challenges. When done accurately, they can upgrade your client service experience, but when done poorly, they can prompt disappointment and even application uninstalls.

If you’re offering an OTT media delivery service, here are a few rules to guarantee that your push notifications are viable:

  • Implement push notifications to keep clients informed about new content
  • Try not to overwhelm your clients with too many notifications in a short period
  • Give them command over what they need to be informed about

You may efficiently attract clients and grow your media distribution service’s market share in the OTT space by following these best practices.

9. Easy subscription

One-Click Subscription: Make it simple to subscribe. Simplify the process for customers to obtain premium content by implementing a one-click subscription option.

Trial Periods: Think about offering trial periods for premium subscriptions. This gives clients a sample of the elite content, encouraging them to commit to a full subscription.

To summarize

The quality of UI/UX design is crucial for the outcome of a video streaming platform. It adds to a superior client experience and increases consumer satisfaction. Recognizing that only a branded video streaming solution can give world-class design and development support is essential.

Investing in such solutions guarantees an outwardly engaging platform and an upper hand in the constantly changing streaming industry. Focusing on UI/UX design can improve client engagement and business achievement.

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