5 Ways to Improve Your Cognitive Skills and Supercharge Your Brain

This day and age has certainly taken its toll on the quality of our lives. That is exactly why we are slowly but steadily adopting certain lifestyle changes that will improve our brain structure and connectivity, and thus our cognitive functions. Did you know that the decline in cognitive skills is the number one culprit of premature aging? And as our brains age, so does our capacity to learn more, and this is why it’s imperative for us to do whatever we can to always keep it in check and to work on our brains as much as we can. But how can we improve our cognitive skills and supercharge our brain? What are the small things that will make such a huge difference in the long run?


The first way in which you can do wonders for your brain is exercising. Yes, exercising is not only good for your body but also for your mind and your cognitive skills. Exercise increases the blood flow in your body, and thus it increases the oxygen levels that get to your brain. This helps your brain reduce any production of stress hormones and can create beneficial chemicals that will enhance your productivity, mood and creativity. One of the best ways in which you can get your body flowing in this way is aerobics. Also, taking a jog early in the morning can also be quite beneficial, so if you have an option to do this, why not? However, there are people who dislike morning activities, and if you’re one of them, worry not, as you can always walk home from work.

Reduce stress

It’s not a secret that reducing stress is good for your brain, but this is something that’s always easier said than done. If you’re experiencing stress, then you know that it’s a habit-forming disorder that doesn’t seem to get any better unless you actually do something to reduce it. Reducing stress can also help you in not experiencing any signs of depression. One way to deal with this is by using prescription medicaments but you can also try to indulge in activities that make you feel better. Try taking up a hobby that you have always wanted or take some time off work and travel somewhere peaceful – the best option would be to go by yourself and simply shut down your brain and problems for some time.

Take vitamins and boosting supplements

Of course, you can also opt for taking vitamins that are good for your brain. The first option is vitamin C which is high in antioxidant activity and can thus help your brain – this is why you should always drink a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade early in the morning before you start your day. Other vitamins that are good for your brain include vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin K. However, you can also go with some new forms of helping your brain give its maximum. Even though it’s still regarded as science fiction to some, the option of taking a limitless pill – or basically a pill that’s very close to the pill from Limitless – can definitely enhance your brain’s capabilities. This is not something that you should run away from, but make sure that you know exactly what you need. Bottom line – take a lot of vitamins if you want your brain to work in a better way.

Interact with people

Another way that you could improve your cognitive skills is perhaps one that you will find the easiest (and probably the most enjoyable). Communicating with people and talking to your friends can help you a lot. It fends off depression and social isolations, which is very important. Connecting with people can also, in many cases, prevent dementia. This is why you should go out of your house today – have a cup of coffee with your best friends, take a walk in the park or do something else with the people you love.

Sleep enough

The last piece of advice might be the most important one, as getting enough sleep is not only healthy for your brain but your overall health and your appearance as well. Insomnia is a global phenomenon nowadays, and more often than not, we sleep less than those 7 or 8 hours a night. This is a huge mistake – what we should do is calculate when we have to get up in the morning and go to bed the night before accordingly. The perks of sleeping 8 hours are many, and there are always sleep apps that can help you keep track of how much you sleep.

Our brain is one of those organs that we simply have to take care of – it’s critical to our life and our performance in all aspects of life. Keeping a healthy brain results in a better quality of life, and this is definitely something we all have as a goal.

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Written by Luke Douglas

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