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A Simple Guide To Choose Wigs For Cancer Patients

Cancer patients are battling physical and psychological scars caused by hair loss. A wig is one of the ways to help them keep positive.

Not all chemotherapy causes hair loss, but it is a common side effect of the process. This can have a psychological impact on the person undergoing the treatment. However, there are options available for the patient to get a customized wig made according to their specific measurements and choice of hairstyle.

Wait to Get the Wig

Very few people get wigs before starting the treatment, but it is often the best decision to wait and see the extent of hair loss before suggesting a wig. Companies that create wigs for cancer patients take into consideration the safety and usability of their products, maintaining the highest standards when it comes to quality. However, it is always best to understand the needs before helping someone finalize the wig.

Know the Insurance

Awareness of the entire clause and the inclusions provided by medical insurance is necessary. The medical wigs are often insured under special medical insurance. Most medical insurances cover the cost of medical caps because hair loss is a side effect of cancer treatment. However, in case the insurance does not cover it, then the patient can choose the caps according to their budget.

Different Types of Hair Wigs

They usually come in two types – human hair and synthetic fibre, but it is common to find wigs that are a mixture of both. The synthetic caps are considered to be a more practical option because they are pocket-friendly and easy to maintain. However, the customer might want a more natural-looking wig that is not easy to detect. In such cases, the real hair wigs for cancer patients can seem like a great option, but they are expensive. Quality synthetic hair wigs are usually designed with a lace-front hairline that gives an impression of real hair.

Understanding Design and Construction

The right hair wig depends a lot on the design and construction rather than the material. If the patient plans to buy a synthetic wig, then it is advisable to purchase a lighter coloured wig. Chemotherapy often makes the skin tone look paler than normal. Thus, a lighter hair colour wig might look more natural on the person.

Construction of the Wigs

Wigs for cancer patients are custom made to ensure comfort to sensitive scalp. The wig construction is the most important aspect of the wig because it ensures that the base of the hair is comfortable on the scalp. The lace front wig is the most natural-looking wig that would blend with the frontline of the hair almost immediately. However, it takes a little bit of getting used to. Double monofilament caps are the most comfortable option that would be made of a soft material, and it is highly sensitive to the skin. Medical wigs are mostly made of the double monofilament caps. Getting the exact measurement of the scalp is necessary because it will not be the same with and without hair. Therefore, it is always advisable to get a wig post the chemo.

Finding the real hair wigs for cancer patients are known to last longer, there is nothing that cannot be achieved with a synthetic wig aesthetically given the right expertise and knowledge.

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Written by John Langer

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