Common practices that can prevent the risk of cardiac arrest.

Life is like a cascade of an ocean that sets one to embark on an unknown journey that traverses through unknown phases of his/her life. Since its duration is long, thus there comes the installation of hope in different forms houses corrals a room of self-belief that drives a person to stride fearlessly without any ounce of self-doubt.

But did we ever thought about the lives of our nearer and dearer falls too early on an expiration date in similar contrast to the end-consumption date of any grocery commodity? Perhaps not or shall never think about it until the ticking time bomb strikes a chord in our lives. On a record supported by a trusted source, it is reported that more than the million deaths around the world happened due to the existence of heart diseases and in some cases, prevention of them was possible but due to low-awareness among people situations turned out to be more critical leading to early termination of people in the age group of 40s.

Yes, you read it right, a sedentary life-style didn’t even spare the young-blood and took away their lives before they age.

Unlike the beneficiary schemes offered by the government which is often divided concerning age, gender, race, and community, the onset of heart-diseases does not foresee any terms and conditions and exit only with the death of a person.

It’s never too late to start anything in life and what could be the best examples than Deepa Malik, the women strike all odds to win a gold medal in Paralympics and off course Boman Irani ( the actor) who debuted in the film industry at the age of 44. So if they can do wonders and let others ponder about the significance of a quality life then why can’t you?

Smoking has never been an attribute to look cool, trust us, young dudes!

Obliterate the entire buzz telling you that smoking is the sign of a young man because chemicals in smoke suffocate your heart and blood vessels too. It leaves you as a man with no-functioning heart and impure blood drifting across each part of the body like a polluted river.

There is good news too to all those smokers who persistently try to give up but their craving to smoke obstruct their road to a better hope. With medications like Varenicline, Chantix, and Champix, a small-subset of high-smoking people have given up cigarette butt and so you can also reap rewards of living a healthy and disease-free life. The more early you choose the better you would feel and we assure you of this logic.

Arrest the cardiac attack before it invades you

Engaging yourself in intensive-training is stepping into a brighter world. 

 Walk a mile because you are not too old,

Walk on the pedestal of your dreams because you have a big-life,

Walk and never stop, because the world is big like the ocean and you are one droplet in it.

When Trump at 70 is on a strategic run to recreate a super-economy nation then how come you feel so gloomy in life after all you aren’t of his age? Deep-down inside all of us there is instant desire to fill the gap between dreams and realties but the lack of motivation never fills that void and lets us fall on the later side.

Surpassing instincts reside when mobility stir physical activities and cognitive thinking to churn motivation that drives the inner self of a person to strive and achieve anything he wished for in life.

Instead of spending hours on updating feeds on social media platforms indulge in moderate aerobic exercise and build endurance to undergo strength training exercises because inner-strength determines the solidification of your intuition to come up with your planning.

Tired of eating the same food all day long? Or feeling trapped in choosing what to consume and what not to in a heart-healthy diet? No need of living on a subtle diet when you are forced to compromise on your taste. We bring some of the best-food diet plans that could help food-particles dissolve easily in your mouth.

Use olive oil as an ingredient to cook your food

Replace fast food on your plate by boiled lean meat and fish.

Prefer fat-free dairy foods in your early morning breakfast.

Lastly, if you are thinking to follow a vegan diet then you will be on a king’s diet.

Good quality sleep is the reincarnation of newer me.

Sleep is important just like your job; it doesn’t mint money but stabilizes your functioning in the existential system. It is seen that people having good-quality sleep bid-farewell to depression, heart attack, obesity, and high blood pressure.

  Prioritize your sleep like the way you prioritize some necessary plans in life. Sleep for at least six hours daily and feel the difference of living a lethargic-free life.

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Written by Rachit Agarwal

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