Four Common Myths People Believe About Dentures

There are a lot of myths surrounding the dentures. It is these misconceptions and myths that discourage most of the people from getting these dentures. Most of these myths are false and when you really come to know about the reality you surely let it go with a laugh.

What are Dentures?

It is important to understand the basic of dentures before you begin busting the myths that surround it. Dentures are basically replacement teeth for the natural teeth in your mouth. If your natural teeth have to be taken out for some medical reason or they fall off due to old age, dentures are a very good replacement. They can be put in your mouth and taken out as you want. There are two types of dentures partial and full. Your dentist will guide you with the correct type according to your requirement.

Now that the basic idea is clear, here are some myths and misconceptions that surround the dentures.

Myth #1: Eating with your dentures on is difficult.

This is the biggest myth of all. There will never be a problem to eat with your dentures in place if they are a right fit. People who wear dentures do not have restrictions on the food that they can eat. There may be few cases where dentists may place restrictions on your food habits but overly, when it comes to your daily diet there are few restrictions. If you ever face even tiniest difficulty in speaking or eating then you must contact your dentist immediately.

Myth #2:  Dentures often get identified.

In the earlier days, dentures may have been different than the natural teeth. But, nowadays the dentures are made to look very much like your natural teeth and match perfectly with your jaws. If you find that your dentures can be noticed, then you may want to visit your dentist for a re-fit. A poorly fitting denture may cause slipping, unpleasant odors and stains. You must also take proper care of your dentures to keep them in good condition.

Myth #3: Dentures are costly.

This is one myth that makes people run away from the dentist’s clinic even before the consultation. But, before you really rule out buying dentures for your mouth you must consult your dentist. You can always check the payment options. Also, find out if your dentures can be covered by the medical insurance. Before, you buy a set of dentures always find out what adjustments, repairs can cost you in long term. Even though dentures appear expensive they are worth all the investment in your oral health. They also provide the best quality of life.

Myth #4: You will never have to visit the dentist after buying them

This is one of the most common of them all. When people buy dentures they believe that they are done once and for all. They will not have to visit the dentist ever, as these are artificial teeth! But really, your mouth is not just made of teeth. When you go for an oral examination to the dentist, he not only checks the teeth but he also checks the tongue, gums and the sides of the mouth. You must understand that mouth is the first breeding place of the diseases, therefore, a regular inspection of mouth helps to reveal most of the early onset of diseases.

In the end, if you have experienced tooth loss and are scared of getting you dentures then now is the time to visit a dentist. You will never have to embarrass yourself in the crowd.

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