Know How to take care of your long manes in the natural way

The most attractive part of the human body is their hair without any doubt. The looks and style of one’s hair bring out the best and worst in a person. That is why many of us remain engrossed in looking up for ways to fix our hair and to protect it from damages. People try so many ideas and use so many products just to get that ‘perfect’ hair shape that they crave for. While taking care of one’s hair is considered as one of the healthy lifestyle habits, people actually go too far in fixing their hair right.

Some tips to keep your hair healthy and attractive without adapting to the harmful chemicals and artificial procedures are mentioned below:

  • Eat healthily- people may think that healthy eating habits have nothing to do with good hair condition, but there are outwardly wrong! In fact, our routine dietary impacts our hair growth and hair health to a greater extent. So, we should keep a watch on our meals to get the perfect hair we desire. Some food which increases hair growth is spinach, carrots, whole grains, citrus fruits, berries, avocados, nuts, etc.
  • Get adequate sleep- often the reason behind abnormal hair growth or a damaged hair follicle is because we do not give proper rest to our body and mind. In the hustle of lives we do not sleep much and suffer from insomnia, and it directly affects our hair health. So get yourself a minimum of 6 hours sleep to maintain excellent hair growth.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle- much like healthy eating habits a healthy lifestyle habit is also necessary to maintain a good hair condition. When you eat or sleep in abrupt timings, follow unhealthy lifestyle schedules or go out without proper protection of your hair it automatically damages your manes to a greater extent. So try to develop a healthy lifestyle to keep your hair out of the damage.
  • Be stress-free- stress and anxiety is a vital reason for a bad hair condition. It increases hair fall, damages the hair follicle and makes your hair vulnerable to many more such harmful effects. So, learn to calm down and practice meditation to increase your hair health by a notch higher.

The final take

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love his or her hair. We all feel too ‘attached’ and at times emotional also when it comes to our long manes! People like to pamper their hairs by opting for so many salon services just to make sure that they feel delighted with their hair. In the adverse environmental conditions that we live in and the hectic life schedule that we have to follow every day makes us vulnerable to weak and unhealthy hair. So indulging in natural procedures to keep our hair in good condition is a part of great healthy habits and we must stress upon it more rather than going for artificial remedies to treat our hair. Follow the tips mentioned above for a naturally glorifying hair and a perfect look!

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Written by Alex Coomb

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