10 Things That Can Go Wrong on Your Wedding Day and How to Avoid Them

If a mishap takes place on a regular day, it’s a slight issue. If it happens on your wedding day, they call it a wedding disaster, whether it is justified or not. In spite of so many stories of real weddings proving otherwise, the myth still lingers that a wedding can and must be nothing short of perfect.

But, let’s do a little reality check and see what things do tend to go wrong and what you can do to prevent such problems.

1. The weather changes

We see this happen on a regular basis: we plan an outdoor event, and in spite of the weather forecasts asuring us it is going to be a gorgeous, sunny day, the sky decides to drop hours of rain on us. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, that needs to be a risk you are willing to take. Still, being aware of this risk should encourage you to prepare a plan B.

You can plan the wedding reception at a venue like villa Phalosa that offers both indoor and outdoor events, so in case the unpredictable happens, the festivity location can easily be changed.

2. Your bridesmaid does not generally care for punctuality

Choosing your closest girl friend to be your bridesmaid is always the most logical scenario. But, not every bridesmaid is going to be equally reliable despite the existing friendship. So, how do you handle this situation if you want everything to be on time and have your best friend as your bridesmaid?

The first thing you could do is kindly and very carefully tell her that it’s extremely important to you that she comes through for you on that day. If you really are besties, a bit of honesty expressed in a considerate, caring way will not affect your friendship and your message is much more likely to get through to her.

The second thing is to tell her that she’s supposed to show up earlier than she actually needs to. For instance, if you’re getting photos taken or having your makeup done at 11:00, don’t tell her that. Instead, tell her it starts at 10:30 or even 10:00 (depending on how late she tends to be), just to make sure she’ll be present when she actually needs to be.

3. Some guests arrive late

No matter how precise your timeline and location instructions are, someone will without a doubt be late. Some brides could take this as a kind of personal attack or insult, but it really should not be taken as such. Remember that regardless of late arrivals, you are still able to enjoy your special day and just let such misdeeds slide.

Bear in mind that late arrivals tend to happen with out-of-town guests, so it is understandable that they might have a bit more trouble finding their way and being punctual.

4. Some guests do not show up

Another inevitable occurrence are affirmative RSVP’s who don’t show up. This also should not be taken personally as there surely must be a good reason they weren’t able to attend such a significant event.

Moreover, this does not inconvenience caterers, since it’s easy to remove the extra chairs and plates and simply give more room to the other guests at the table, making them feel more comfortable.

5. A family member gets drunk

If you notice a family member suddenly showing some highly strange dance moves and acting sillier than usual, it’s time to ask someone to keep an eye on them and make sure they are alright. Also, if the drinking is getting out of hand, kindly ask the bartender not to serve your relative alcohol anymore.

6. The dress gets dirty or damaged

Dress mishaps are probably the causes of the biggest bride freakouts. But, even they can be avoided and neutralized. In case your wedding dress ends up with a few smaller drink or food stains, or even tiny tears, the damage can be fixed with a couple of quick stitches or a bit or fabric tape, so make sure you have them around just in case.

The imperfections won’t be noticeable, and they won’t get in your way of looking dazzling in your wedding photos.

7. Oblivious or careless caterers

Sometimes caterers fail at being professional: orders get mixed up or lost, the wrong delivery date is written, unpredictable problems occur, etc. If you want to avoid such outcomes from the outset, you can choose a wedding venue that can also provide the catering for you and make things a lot simpler.

8. Rough patches during the ceremony

Try not to expect perfection from your ceremony, in spite of having a rehearsal. Instead of focusing on your name being mispronounced or possible small hick-ups in music performance, focus on the fact that you and your significant other are doing one of the most important things in your joined lives and absorb the power of the moment.

9. The music isn’t appealing to the crowd

If you have hired a DJ for your festivity, there is a risk that the music they choose will not exactly be appealing to the crowd and motivate them to get up and dance. In case their choice of songs is off, make a list of your own suggestions of songs you’d like to hear and that you know for sure your friends and family will enjoy. You can even create your own playlist beforehand and give it to the DJ so that they can include it in their own list.

10. Old family feuds get reignited during the reception

You can’t not invite certain family members to the wedding because you want to remain on good terms with all of them. But, you also know that there are ongoing feuds between some of them and you are afraid it will lead to an unpleasant scene.

What you can do is make sure that during the reception those relatives don’t sit at the same table. That will help make the whole atmosphere tension free.

To sum up

It’s fairly easy to become stressed at an event as important as your wedding taking into consideration all the details that are expected to be in place. However, you do have a choice: instead of looking for flaws in everything and anything, try to be a problem-fixer and look for solutions instead of reasons to worry.

Remember what it is that actually makes this day so big and memorable, and all else with begin to fade in comparison.

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Written by Daria Winters

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