Top 8 tools for Magento website building

Magento is one of the most popular tool when it comes to building an eCommerce website. Magento is an open source platform of PHP and has been one of the best eCommerce website builder for more than a decade.

Having a Magento online store makes life easier, you have the option of a number of tools to improve your Magento web design with regards to your website’s responsiveness and also to completely enhance the browsing experience of your clients.

Choosing the right tool and plugin extension can become quite overwhelming for any website owner. There are so many powerful tools available that it can be difficult to identify which might suit best for your eCommerce web portal. Your choice of tool may and should differ with your requirements. In order to opt the best tool suitable for your website, we have crafted a list of some important and handy tools for Magento websites.

Magento debugger

Magento debugger is quite a handy tool for any Magento web design expert, it is simple and easy to use. A chrome plugin extension it allows you to debug your Magento store efficiently and conveniently. Also, it allows its user to view database information, and information of each block separately. Also, if you forget your password you can change it using Magento debugger.


Mobile responsiveness is a must for any website and if you are in search of a software which can ease the responsiveness process of your Magento eCommerce web portal then CouchCommerce would surely be an excellent choice. CouchCommerce is a popular Magento extension which helps greatly in optimizing your mobile version. You wouldn’t have to go through any hassle of starting from ground zero and with it’s Sofa SDK technology you can get third party integrations and, online and offline functionality and a perfectly touch optimized web store.

Magento live Chat

Keeping in constant touch with your customer is imperative for any business to grow and keep the loyalty of their clients. Magento live chat allows you to do just that, with this tool you yourself will keep in touch with your customer ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

With this tool you can answer queries of your customers in real time and with complete security.

Bulk image Uploader

Bulk image uploader allows the user to import and download images in bulk from the computer or Dropbox for any product on the store. It supports a number of image file formats such as JPG, JPEG, GIF and png. In order for the images to upload they must have SKU in their file name to correspond with the products.


This a great product designer tool which provides an excellent interface for the website users to customize and create personalized designs for different products available in the store. It also gives the website owner a friendly back-end and increases the browsing experience of the user.

The great thing about this tool is that it is completely responsive on every mobile device and allows users to upload their custom images for their preferred products from their social media and PC.

Magento image optimizer

Image optimizer for Magento websites helps greatly in optimizing the images present on the website by compressing them through Cron. With the image optimizer you can increase your website loading speed on every device.

Social Share Magento

The social share software for Magento is a very powerful marketing tool for your Magento web portal. You must realize by now that there must be a million of potential customers of your products on social media and somehow you need to capture their attention.

Social share software allows you and your customers to share your products and success on social media by setting social media share buttons on different pages of your online store. This not only allows you to instantly share your products on every social media platform but more importantly, it allows your customers and website users to easily share your wonderful products with the rest of the world. It helps in the online marketing of your brand, that too with paying any $.

This software can be easily configured on your web portal and gives you complete control in the enabling and disabling of the social buttons on different pages. It supports every social media platform.

Automatic internal links

It has been a popular practice among SEO experts to create internal links within their web pages to increase website authority and ease the navigation process for the users. It is an important ranking factor on search engines.

With Automatic internal links you can rest easy as it creates internal links automatically on your website through keywords, linking every keyword and phrase to the product or page associated with it.

All you have to do is install this tool and later add the keywords and the URL you want to link it to. You can add a different variety of keywords for different or same URLs. You can leave the rest to automatic internal links to create anchor text links on your web pages.


There are still a number of tools available for website owners to choose from, it is all about choosing the right tool which fulfills your requirement. But you must identify which tools allows you and your users convenience, increases responsiveness, compatible with the browser and enhances UX and UI.


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