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How to keep the exercising momentum going when out of town?

Everybody travels be it for business, politics, pleasure, vacation, world tour, pleasure or epic questing. At some point in our lives, we all depart from the ease of our own “Shire” to visit another place to break the routine and discover something new. However, not every routine is meant to be broken, especially when it is connected to your health. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, on a weight loss program or in the middle of a rigorous workout regime, breaking your exercising momentum is the last thing you want.

If your day doesn’t pass without working out in a gym for a couple of hours, then you know what I mean here.

What if I tell you going out of town doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up on your exercising routine. You can continue with it no matter where you are in this world with these simple tips and ideas.

  • Book a stay that has a gym 

If you are going to stay in a hotel, you must book one that has gym. You can search for a hotel that has a gym on websites like Hotels, and Trivago. Most websites allow you to filter your hotel searches only to include hotels that has a gym.

Most 3-star and above luxury hotels have onsite gyms without saying. But that may not be the case in every geography owing to government rules and restriction. It’s always better to affirm this at the time of booking. It may not be the kind of gym you’re looking for. But, it’ll still be better than nothing.

If you’re an Airbnb sort of person and prefer homestays, look for Gym sign under Amenities at the time of booking.

If you realized you did not book a hotel without a gym, you can ask the hotel’s front desk person or your Airbnb host if they can offer/ arrange passes to a nearby gym instead.

Certainly, most luxury hotels have pools. Swimming is, without a doubt, a great way to workout and recommended by fitness trainers around the world.

  • Find a gym

If you’re travelling interstate, finding a gym shouldn’t be a problem. Most American cities have community gyms that offer short memberships. If you go to a chain gym in your city, then your membership should work in another city too.

Even if you’re travelling outside the State, finding a gym shouldn’t be a problem provided it is a major city. When I travelled to India last fall, I could find a good gym even in smaller cities. That is the case with most of the countries with a gym culture.

Most of the time, you should be able to talk your way out with the manager for a free trial. You just have to play nice tourist and sing some praise about the gym. This particularly works if you are visiting a middle-income company country somewhere in South Asia, Pacific, Africa, or East Europe.

  • Find solace in nature

If you end up in a city that doesn’t have a gym at all, it is better to look around nature. Don’t settle unless you find a playground, lake, riverbed, beach you can workout at. I don’t even mind a tree branch and bus stop overhang when it comes to pull ups.

You can do bodyweight rows using a piece of rock lying near the lake or riverbed.

If it’s a busy playground, you should find many people with their mattress doing light exercises and yoga there, which should motivate you.

Parks and playground are also a great place to build contact with local fitness enthusiasts. And your new beer buddies. Cheers!

  • Amalgam with local sports culture

If you are someone who can give up gym for little sports to keep up with their exercising momentum, then you must try a local sport of the city you are in. When I visited Bali on my trip to South Asia last fall, surfing fascinated me.

I learned it and that was the only workout I did in my entire trip, except for little warmup stuffs. Likewise, Netherlands has the perfect climate and roads to go on long bike trips. I recommend joining a biking group after you arrive there.

You can also go on long walks and runs in cities with temperate climate during summers. For tracking my running and I use MapMyRun, it’s a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Also, if you somehow turned out to be in Alaska or Switzerland, take skiing lessons for sure. It’s a thrilling sport and should keep your gym momentum going for a very long time.

While, I neither endorse or support it, Running of the Bulls is a popular Spanish sport and a part of their culture. (Sorry PETA!!)

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