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Famous astrologer Sundeep Kochar sheds light on how astrology and ayurvedic plan

Everything around us is somehow related to astrology. Even the smallest of things that happen around us are relevant to our moon signs. A very close-knit phenomenon with astrology is the plants and a lot of people are not aware of how this beautiful combination works, according to Sundeep Kochar, a celebrity astrologer from Mumbai.

Plants play a very extensive role when it comes to Indian astrology. They also are a crucial aspect when it comes to Ayurvedic medicine. Taking a comprehensive approach, plants are a part of the human energy spectrum and are used as a remedy to treat a weak planet in one’s horoscope.

“The fact that plants have healing powers and can affect a person’s horoscope was known to our forefathers. This age-old concept is slowly being recognized in the modern world,” reveals one of the best astrologers in Mumbai, Sundeep Kochar. “It is a prudent decision to identify our planetary positions and then work accordingly in our lives.” Not only in India, but even in the West, it is being utilized and is benefitting people.

Every planet governs a different type of energy and minerals in an individual’s life. It is essential for the planets to be at the right positions for all the energies to balance and bring out the best. However, if the planets are not at the right position, governing plants can help bring the needed stability.

A famous astrologer in India and an individual devoted to helping people heal with astrology, Sundeep Kochar asserts that the roots of ancient Vedic astrology are related to herbs and they are one of the most appropriate methods to deal with any kind of problem.

SunThe Sun is closely related to spicy and fiery herbs. A person with weak a Sun can benefit from plants with heart-shaped leaves. A few of the plants that can be helpful are cayenne, black pepper, dry ginger, long pepper, cardamom, saffron, etc.

MoonPlants with white or pale yellow flowers, juicy or moon-shaped leaves are the most favorable for moon. Peppermint, watercress, etc., are amongst the few that can help treat a weak moon effectively.

MarsAggressive in nature, Mars is ruled by similar plants as the Sun. A few common plants include cinnamon, black pepper, saffron, etc.

MercuryWeak Mercury is ruled by plants with hairy and fuzzy leaves. Basil leaves are also said to help a weak Mercury because Lord Vishnu is the ruling god. Other plants that help include, gotu kola, kullcap, bhringaraj (eclipta), skullcap, passionflower, betony, etc.

JupiterRepresenting expansion, the planet is ruled by plants like Centaury and Burdock. The plants that bring positive energy are advised for a weak Jupiter. Ashwagandha, licorice, astragalus are a few of the plants that can help.


Associated with beauty, Venus is ruled by plants having beautiful flowers with sweet fragrance and bright colors. Rose, Jasmine, Lily and Lotus are some of the associated plants.

SaturnComfrey root, clary sage, shilajit, haritaki, guggul and ashwagandha are some of the ruling plants for weak Saturn. It is the planet of ageing and is associated with plants that have a long life.

RahuSoothing fragrances do the trick when it comes to Rahu. A few other recommended herbs include sage, bayberry, camphor and calamus.

KetuA planet which is subtle like Rahu, it is governed by herbs like calmus, wild ginger, skull cap, juniper and passion flower including others.

“One cannot thank nature enough for the intricately weaved concept of planetary movement and plans,” says Sundeep Kochar. A deep study into the matter will reveal that every herb holds a significant amount of importance. With the right guidance and knowledge from experts, incorporating these plants in life can help reclaim the missing balance.

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