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15 Great Things To Do When You’re Alone

We are sometimes so busy using every minute of our day to interact with others – whether in real life, by phone, email, SMS or on social networks – we forget to give ourselves time quality for oneself.

Spending time alone is a good way to recharge your batteries and get together, and it feels good to everyone from time to time! If it’s been a while that you have not taken time for yourself or you do not know what to do during this precious moment, we have listed for you the 15 good reasons to find yourself alone, with yourself.

1) Do you watch a fluffy movie that you like

And do not be ashamed to cry like a madeleine or to ravage yourself in front of the romantic scenes, let go, no one is here to see you!

2) Treat yourself to a day at the spa or a massage

Such a day is incredibly relaxing, and allows you to relax. And then, in general, we are less talkative than usual because we prefer to be quiet, so be alone for that, it’s ideal!

3) Go to your bookseller and do not look at your watch

Lose yourself on the shelves and explore all the types of books that make you want. Even better, if one of them tempts you, give yourself the luxury of opening it and taking the time to read a few pages, and if you do not like it, hop, go to the next! You will be able to take the time to find a book that you really want to read.

4) Take the longest hot bath of your life

Put on soft music and enjoy quietly, for once you are really quiet and you will not be interrupted!

5) Your favorite fun things

There must be many things in your home that you like to do like painting, gardening, playing games, rearranging your room etc. Check out these fun things to do when you are bored at home that will amaze you

6) Go shopping

Shopping with girlfriends or with her man can slow us down and we sometimes feel compelled to hurry up so we do not wait for everyone. There, no stress, you can take all the time you want and try all the clothes of the store if the desire takes you: you have time!

7) Make your mind work

Make a crossword puzzle, sudoku or any other logic game. If you manage to overcome it, you will have done it alone, and you will be all the more proud of you!

8) Play your instrument

If you know how to play music, then now is the time to work and do your scales! And the musicians know it well: when you are many at home, it is a real luxury to be able to play without constantly listening for noises or being disturbed every five minutes.

9) Do you try zumba or pole dance

Sometimes, and it concerns all the activities that involve steps of dance, the beginnings can be a little embarrassing because one is clumsy, and if it is not our thing, one is not necessarily very comfortable to make his exercises when there are people around. Enjoy being alone to practice and succeed a few sequences, like that, the next class, you will be completely comfortable!

10) Finish this task that you repel without stopping

Free your mind, and finally finish the chore you never want to do. Update your CV, apply for a new job, finish your novel, what you want, but finish it (finally!). You will see, you will be released from a great weight!

11) Go to a free concert

Learn to see a band that you love not far from home, or take the opportunity to make musical discoveries in the styles of music that you like. You will enjoy music better because you will only have to do it: listen and take full ears!

12) Go for a walk in the forest

A ride in the open air will do you a good crazy, and you can better enjoy this sunset, the smell of delicate roses garden or quiet undergrowth.

13) Play the little astronomer

Make yourself comfortable and admire the spectacle of the stars in the sky.

14) Go to the museum

Let’s be honest, most of the museums we’ve done in our lives involve either a not always interesting teacher or a guide. For once, spend the time YOU want on each work that interests you and think about your own interpretation of the works (and not the one you’re supposed to have in mind from the small booklet sold at the entrance).

15) Go on a trip to a place you do not know

When traveling with others, we always end up (and that’s normal) by compromising on what to see, where to eat, and what activities to do. Traveling alone, even if it’s just to visit the city next door, allows you to pay the luxury of doing exactly what you like.

What do you like to do when you’re alone?

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