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How to make your Eve special with the Thames Cruises in London?


New Years Eve can be a clamorous affair if you are going to be in London. London is a lively city on any given day. During the festivities, people pour onto the streets and find something or the other to do. New Year’s Eve usually means jam-packed roads, rowdy bars, noisy pubs and overcrowded nightclubs. The restaurants start taking bookings for Christmas and New Year’s eves from two months in advance. Finding a table at one of the better places requires more than the perfect alignment of someone’s lucky stars.

Sail away from all the noise

There is, however, a smarter way to avoid the hustle, yet remain a part of London’s festive fever. You can sail away from the crowd and all the noise, quite literally. There is a multitude of special cruises that sail from different ports in and around the city for a dreamy journey on the quaint and picturesque Thames. These cruises arrange special lunch and dinner programs for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Cruises are never all about the food. There is so much more you should be ready for. Each cruise with a distinct route offers a panoramic view of London’s signature architectural marvels. Get ready for seeing a side of the London’s Eye, Houses of the Parliament, Tower of London and London Bridge you never experienced before.

Special experience for the special people

All the lunch and dinner cruises pride themselves on having some of the best-trained chefs onboard. Now imagine beholding the finest sights of the city from the river, while uniformed waiters refill your glasses with wine and serve you the finest salmon or steak. On the New Year’s Eve, this is usually more special thanks to the live performances, melodic music and the great company on the board. Unlike most over-booked restaurants on the ground, these cruises have limited seating. This helps the officials and the servers pay attention to each diner’s need. Thames cruises offer a much more exclusive and luxurious feel, than any Michelin star restaurant does on a busy evening like the New Years.

Do not miss the best bits of the city

London is famous for the New Year’s fireworks show that commences at midnight every year. Staying in London, yet missing it due to over-booked viewing points is probably the greatest misfortune. You can witness the scintillating fireworks display far away from the hollering crowd of crazed partygoers. Each cruise has its party going on eves of celebration and New years is no exception. This means you get to dance away to your favourite numbers, sip your favourite cocktails and simply look up at the night sky to enjoy the fireworks when the show starts.

 Thames lunch and dinner cruises for New Years has made it a lot easier for London dwellers and the fickle travellers to enjoy every bit of the city, even when the celebratory crowd starts pouring out. You can check out everything you need to know about London cruises right here at

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