Student Visa Subclass 500 – A Pathway for Students to Study in Australia

Do you want to come to Australia for study purpose on 500 student visas? Overseas students health cover (OSHC) is mandatory for students on the 500 student’s visa.OSHC in Australia offers you medical and health cover to candidates if something mishappening occurs during the course studies. This health insurance covers many aspects. When any doctor sees the students then this insurance covers the medical cost of candidates. Even, hospital costs, emergency ambulance, prescription medicines all are covered under this health insurance.

Student Visa Subclass 500 Checklist Permits Students to Study Full Time Course

The importance of subclass 500 student visa checklist is that it permits the students full-time study courses at a well established educational institution of Australia. Moreover, students can move here and there while studying in Australia. These visas are granted to the students by the Australian Government department of home affairs.

Australian Visa Subclass 500 Lets Your Dependents to Work 40 Hours Fortnightly in Australia

According to the terms and conditions of this visa, a student’s while studying in Australia can apply for dependent visas for your spouse and children. While studying in Australia the candidates have to be dependent on their spouse. So spouse is allowed to work there for 40 hours fortnightly. There are numerous job opportunities for your spouse to work there while residing in Australia. This visa permits you to study in a reputed college in Australia and also allows staying close with family members.

Student Visa 500 Duration and Validity 

It is mandatory that if you have dependent visas while applying for students visas in Australia then all the information must be included in the student application form otherwise it creates problems. This visa subclass 800 offers maples of opportunities to students, spouse, and their loving children. To get all the amenities and facilities in Australia it is necessary that applicant must apply for these visas very carefully. The candidates have to properly make arrangements of all documents while applying for these visas. Missing of one documents increase the chances of rejection of these visas. The candidates have to be performed paperwork according to rules and regulations of the Australian visa act. The candidates have to hire the consultant that has certified licensed. Proper compilation of all necessary documents by expert agents opens the doors of success for the candidates and the person who depends on these visas.

Subclass 500 Student Visa Allows the Students to Live with Their Family While Studying in Australia

The candidates have to select those visa consultants who have unmeasurable experience in this field and offer you the tailored checklist based on your profile. If the candidates have to apply for this visa through trained consultants that they get hassle-free visa services.

The success of these visas has completely depended on how the visa consultants have to fulfill policy conditions. So it is necessary that the visa consultants and candidates must have a thorough knowledge of policy and conditions of this visa. One big mistake may be the result of the refusal of your spouse visas.

Candidates have to select the visa consultancy office who has successfully served thousands of clients. Highly qualified visa consultants services provide an accurate assessment as well as the high success rate of client’s visas applications. Registered migration agent who has specialized in this field handling the candidate spouse visa applications appropriately.


To apply for this visas, the visa consultancy has to identify all documents if candidates, National ID cards. All the documents should be valid for applying for these visas. The marriage proof relationship is valid to apply for these visas. The passport and financial statement should be available while applying for these visas. The proper evidence of educational documents and school enrollment is necessary for getting these visas. Moreover, health insurance documents are necessary and it is to be forwarded for further processing. All the documents for this visas should be genuine. The period of relationships with your spouse must be more than 12 months before applying for this visas. Both candidates and their dependent spouse on it must have

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