21 Gift Ideas For A 21st Birthday

Turning 21 is a major milestone in a person’s life; it’s considered to be the first official step into adulthood. With more responsibilities coming their way, it’s important to celebrate a loved one’s 21st birthday in the best way possible. Meaningful gifts are always appreciated on such a special occasion.

Here are 21 gift ideas for your loved one who’s turning 21:

1. Wireless earphones 


Wireless headphones are all the rage these days. They’re perfect for working out, when using public transport, and even for doing chores around the house. You no longer have to carry your phone around the house when listening to music.

Apple AirPods come in two variants, the regular and the pro version. While this is an expensive gift, it’s sure to last for many years and they will get great use out of them. If you’re turning 21 and are looking to splurge on yourself, these should be top of your list!

2. Hangover recovery drink 

Since 21 is the legal age for drinking in the United States, the 21st birthday is usually celebrated with alcohol. Before your loved one starts drinking, provide them with an advanced electrolyte powder like ADULTalyte. It’s a hangover cure that works every time. It detoxes your liver and works on those annoying hangover headaches. It’s perfect before, during, and as a morning recovery after a night of drinking.

3. Drinking games 

Turning 21 isn’t just about the alcohol, it’s about the fun that can be had with it too. There are many drinking games out there that are perfect for parties or even just hanging out with a partner or friend.

Beer pong, drunken Jenga, bingo shots game, and drink roulette, are among some of the most fun games you could get.

4. Portable breathalyzer 

Every adult who’s drinking should have a portable breathalyzer on them. It helps you figure out your BAC levels so you don’t drive while tipsy.

5. Scratch off world map 

Travel enthusiasts will love this gift. They can scratch off all the places they have visited and plan new adventures for places they have yet to travel to.

6. Cocktail kit 

Cocktails are great, but why wait to go to a bar every time you want one. A cocktail kit is the perfect gift for someone who’s turning 21. They can try their hand at cocktail making and save money too.

7. Personalized wine bottle

There’s something so sophisticated and festive about a wine bottle. You can now get wine bottles customized for special occasions. Pick a wine that’s easy on the palette like a sparkling white wine or a dessert wine.

8. Scented candle 

Scented candles are a staple for birthdays. They’re perfect for lighting around the house for their amazing fragrance. Pick a universal scent like vanilla or lavender, unless you know the specific preferences of your friend.

9. Cocktail recipe book 

You’ll be surprised by how many cocktails can be made with the few spirits lying around the house. A cocktail recipe book is a great way to try new drinks that you wouldn’t order at a restaurant.

10. Hangover recipe book 

Since we’re still on the topic of recipe books, we all know how the morning after a big night of drinking feels. A good breakfast the next morning is essential. There are many recipe books out there that have recipes with ingredients that can help you or a loved one feel better.

11. Alcohol subscription service 

There are many local alcohol businesses that do subscription services, and they really are worth trying out. Subscription services are available for specific drinks too, like vodka, wine, gin or beer.

12. Boozy chocolates 

A birthday present is incomplete without some sweet treats. Since it’s a 21st birthday, this calls for some very special liquor chocolates. Here are some delicious boozy chocolates to gift.

A box of liquor chocolates.

13. Spherical ice tray 

Did you know that spherical ice keeps a drink colder for longer? It doesn’t melt as fast as cubes and won’t dilute a drink as quickly. A spherical ice tray is a great cost-effective gift option as well!

14. Beer caddy 

Beer is one of the first drinks people begin to have. It’s light and easy on the palette, if you choose the right one. A beer caddy is ideal for picnics, watching a local game, or visiting the beach.

15. Insulated wine tote

There’s nothing worse than preparing for a picnic, only to find that your sparkling wine is no longer chilled. An insulated wine tote can prevent this from happening. This is also a budget-friendly gift option that can be paired with a bottle of wine.

16. Moscow Mule Kit 

Moscow Mules are known for the rose gold or copper mugs they are served in. Create Moscow Mules at home with a kit that includes the drinks, garnish, and mug.

Moscow Mule making kit.

17. Fitness tracker 

Everyone is on the fitness grind in some way or the other. Even if they don’t necessarily go to the gym, a fitness tracker keeps track of the steps and heart rate throughout the day. There are various fitness trackers available at varying price points.

18. Wine tour 

As someone who’s new to the world of alcohol, provide some guidance to your loved one with a wine tasting tour. Wine tours are the perfect way to try a number of wines and learn about the food they pair well with too.

Wine tasting tour.

19. Perfume subscription service 

While most people advise against gifting perfumes, a perfume subscription service is an excellent gift. Your loved one will receive perfumes to try every month or so, depending on the plan you choose for them. They will also be able to get perfumes based on the notes they prefer.

20. Snack subscription boxes 

When chilling at home with a glass of wine or beer, you need some snacks. Sign up for a subscription service for your loved one so they are always stocked up. There are also specific snack boxes that cater to Korean snacks, Japanese snacks, and even just beef jerky.

21. iTunes gift card 

With over 193 million iPhone users in the world, an iTunes or Apple gift card is always welcomed. Your loved one will be able to purchase the music you love or a subscription to Apple Music.

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