Content Marketing: Bring A Shift In Your Content Strategy

Content that can spark interest, that can pique the attention of your audience, content that can engage and content that doesn’t effervesce within a few seconds but leaves its imprint is considered the best possible content. Every content marketer is probably inundated with numerous insights, is striving to maximise their marketing efforts and is trying to work on widening their audience base consistently. Across any platform, content needs to stand out, it needs to grasp the attention of the user, and it requires the user to be interactive enough with the content, as scrolling through different forms of content has become a norm for people.

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Follow through to understand how to change the sort of content you’re creating, as settling yourself within constricted blocks and moulds will merely limit your creative capacity.

  • Bring A Change: For a content creator, it is imperative for the person to document their strategy, as by constantly reviewing and analysing your strategy, the creator can realise whether their ideas are getting repetitive or creatively bankrupt. Moreover, be it even a fleeting idea or a slight glimpse of a perspective that passes over you, remember to document it down, as that singular piece of information can be moulded and utilised anywhere.
  • Mix It Up: After a certain period of time, our users get used to the content we create, maybe that’s the genre they relate to, or that’s the aesthetic that resonates well with them. While it is isn’t recommended to bring a 180-degree shift in your content strategy, it, however, is recommended to throw a curve ball at your audience, as that’ll excite them and will catch them by surprise.
  • Read: We have become so detached from reading, as we prefer looking into insights or instead prefer to follow different digital channels to understand our craft. However, sometimes we need to understand matters, we need to view matters from a different perspective, and we need to visualise the differing visual points that are available at our disposal. Hence, read without any restraint, try your hand at different genres of literature, understand how different cultures interact with each other, figure out the dynamics, map a story about it and immerse yourself in retaining as much knowledge as possible. This knowledge, however, shouldn’t be wasted, as the consumption and eventual application of knowledge will yield several favourable benefits for the creator.
  • Find Your Individuality: It’s as simple as it is. No one would be interested in consuming content if it isn’t unique, if it doesn’t bring something new to the table or if it lacks novelty. The audience merely wishes to watch content that showcases a different vantage point to them, and if not a new perspective then, they want to see nuance in the treatment of the content. Hence, find your voice, figure out what you want to say, be different, develop and cultivate your personality, bring your opinions to the forefront and be creative in the manner in which you engage with your content. Invest in it, dream and visualise the larger picture, and work towards consistently drawing the attention of your reader.
  • Inspiration: Our creative processes can most certainly come to a halt, they can start to break apart, or we can experience a complete blockade. For this reason, when you’re experiencing a mental block, then your focus should be on finding inspiration to widen the breadth of diversity and richness you integrate into your content. Look through the disparate platforms, understand how different influencers tweak their content, how they keep pushing through, how they break through the cacophony of noises and how they keep their focal points centred on pushing through.
  • Set Up: If you work in a cluttered and chaos-ridden space, you’re then more than likely to find your headspace muddled. The centre of your attention should be on setting up a work station, assembling pen, paper, highlighters, sticky notes, as merely the act of putting together different items can make you feel as if you’re getting your life in order. Therefore, be diligent enough to set up shop in a space where your creative juices can flow and where there is no presence of disruptions.
  • Goals: Rather than looking for the numbers, look for goals that are more subjective in nature. Seek happiness, seek recognition and seek critical acclaim. Make it a point to set a goal for yourself, as without a goal or direction in life, you’re more than likely to not be able to charter a proper pathway or be successful. Be productive each day, be it getting up from bed, push yourself to put at least one idea onto paper immaterial of its coherency and creativity, and be persistence enough, as only persevering and being determined will contribute to one’s success.
  • Understand Social Media: Be diligent, keep track of the different algorithms, learn how to play along with their beats and understand how you can consistently improve your craft by listening to industry experts and the experiences of others. The idea is not to falter in the journey towards elevating your craft, as slacking will merely enable your competition to rise above you.

In a nutshell, the 21st century is indeed driven by content. Therefore, the onus falls on the creator’s shoulders to reinvent and re-imagine the parameters they work within, as complacency should not be encouraged.

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Written by Harry Ramos

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