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Stepping Goals for Hospitality Management Students

Hospitality management is the study of the hospitalityindustry which deals with theme parks, event planning, lodging, transportation and many more within the tourism industries. You would be responsible for making a “Home away from home” for vacationers as well as business travellers, as this is a part of the hospitality industry. A hospitality manager plays an important role as it includes the administrative tasks within a resort, casino chain or a hotel.

Education Requirements

You should have a degree in business management if you want to pursue a career in hospitality management. If your college offers this degree, you can pursue a minor in hospitality. Going to college puts you at a competitive edge during the job application process.

Skills Required

You should have the ability to “sell” the lifestyle of a resort and hotel chains, if you’re interested to enter the hospitality management industry. You can represent the type of experience that tourists can enjoy at a specific resort. Regularly, you need to develop attractions that can make a hotel competitive with others in the city. You should also have experience in brand marketing and you should be an effective communicator. You need to create websites, brochures and documents that promote the brand of your specific hotel or casino chain.


An hospitality manager’s main responsibility is to ensure that travellers have a pleasant experience. You will need to make sure that any customers’ issues are addressed in a prompt and professional manner. You need to ensure that you could instantly respond to any emergencies that arise in the hotel environment, such as a fire or a theft. You may also need to make sure that a hotel does not exceed its budget for the month.

Hospitality Management Salary

The average salary of a hospitality manager is about $46,000 a year according to the bureau of Labor Statistics. If you are a hospitality manager, you can enjoy all the perks, depending on whatever the resort offers. You can also stay in a resort completely free of charge. You’ll also be provided with a very competitive package.

Hotel General Manager

The responsibilities of a general manager are to direct everything involved in the operation and financial viability of the property to create standards for personnel performance and administration, room rates, publicity, service to patrons and food selection. You need a bachelor’s degree in business management to become a general manager. Also, you should have some experience in hotel administration, accounting, economics, housekeeping, food service management, marketing, and hotel maintenance and engineering.

Managerial skills aspects include interpersonal skills, customer service, leadership, management, and skills in organizing, listening and problem solving.

Front-office Manager

Front-office managers respond to customers’complaints and ensure that staff members respond to guests’ special requests. A Diploma in Hospitality Management for your Career include coursework in marketing, economics, hotel management, accountingand maintenance. Managers are offered with training that includes courses in the specific needs of the facility such as reservations software.


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