7 Easy Wearable Winter Fashion Trends to Follow

Winters are all about layering your clothes (in style) apart from hot chocolate and coffee. While one can quite easily give the outfit a sloppy look, there are ways to give your attire a fashionable look while maintaining the warmth.

Whether you are wearing western or eastern women’s clothing, there are ways to style both. However, in this blog, we will discuss some of the most recent trends in western wear this winter.


Leather in different colors is in this season. So, you do not have to stick to the boring black and brown colors of leather jackets. In fact, you do not have to stick to leather jackets only. You can invest in leather pants and bags. Leather boots are also a good option. You have a variety of leather related accessories and clothing items to invest in.

How you carry that look depends on how you style your outfit. Remember not to go too overboard with wearing leather. If you are planning to wear a leather jacket, do not pair it with leather pants and a bag. ALWAYS opt for a mix of textures.


Something about capes is amazing and funny at the same time. The fact that you can wear capes in both summers and winters is amazing. This is the same fact that sounds funny too. Because we associate wearing capes with winters. Obviously, the material that you select will decide whether it is winter or a summer cape. But I just find this very amusing.

Anyway, capes will be in this winter season as well. You can pair them with jeans and boots and wear them above your sweater too. Because capes worn over a shirt alone do nothing to keep you from feeling the cold. You will need to put in thought while deciding a cape look for yourself.

Asymmetrical Necklines

My OCD kicks in every time I see something asymmetric. Which means I won’t be investing in any outfit with an asymmetric neckline. However, it is going to be an in-thing this winter. Thus, bringing back the 2000s. You can purchase sweaters and tops sporting asymmetric necklines. Pairing a black sweater with a white top would make for a perfect night out outfit. Just saying.

Ski Jackets

Guess which trend is not just limited to the runways anymore? Yes, the ski-jackets. You saw models wearing them in recent runways for some very prominent designers. And now you will see these jackets stocked up in stores near you. That too in very funky color combinations. From blur and turquoise to yellow and black, you will find them all. However, you will have to pair it with something warm so that you do not end up freezing in this cold weather.

You can even plan to wear these ski jackets above your suit and heels. And head to the office in ‘style’. This may sound funny to many, but you will also see many of your colleagues sporting this look as well.

Extra Long Sleeves

Putting great emphasis on EXTRA here. Because the extra here implies that the sleeves may touch the ground. Weird, isn’t it? But there were models on recent runways who sported this look. Your sweaters and tops will soon come in the ‘insanely long sleeves’ version. And Rihanna approves of the look. She was spotted recently at the Fenty runway wearing a piece with sleeves longer than many people’s lives (kidding).

However, one thing that these sleeves should be admired for is their 2-in-1 role. These long sleeves will save you the hassle of carrying gloves everywhere.

Puffer Coats

Puffer coats are back and we couldn’t be gladder. Fro shiny skins to not so flashy outlook, all types of puffer jackets are in this season. However, the most sought after ones are the metallic colored ones. You do not have to think whether you will look chic while wearing a puffer jacket on your night out. Because it is a runway approved trend. Wear a puffer jacket over your suit while you go out with your friends and look trendy. While also keeping yourself warm. A win-win.

Turtlenecks Under Dresses

You will definitely spot a lot of celebrities sporting this look. What we called funny as kids is actually a trendy look for this season. The options when it comes to the textures are many. You can choose from different colors and textures of turtlenecks. Wear it under a contrasting dress. Complete the look by wearing boots or sneakers, whatever you please. And you are ready to head out.

In my opinion, this is by far the most comfortable yet chic trend for the season. I came across this trend while looking for Pakistani dresses online USA (I have a thing for ethnic dresses). And the moment I saw a celebrity wearing it, I knew what my go-to look for the most of this season is going to be.

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Written by Harry Miller

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