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Huge beneficial food Honey research method

Honey is a very beneficial food, diet and medicine. There is nothing new to say about the quality of the sweet and new things. After birth, it is difficult to find people who have not given honey to different grandmothers. Today I will not talk about the quality of Local Honey. Because of the quality of the honey is known to less than everyone. It is difficult to tell the exact amount of honey that we have bought from the market. In honey, it is usually mixed with water, sugar and more. Let us know some ways to know authentic honey.Freezing test: Keep honey in the fridge. Pure honey does not grow. Junk honey is not filled, but it will fall into the frozen soil.

Take a few drops of honey in a piece of paper. Then leave where there is an ankle. If the ants do not bite near the honeycomb, then it is pure honey. If the ants like it, then honey is adulterated.

Give a very small amount of honey inside. If the honey is pure, then the eyes will burn up and the water will flow from the eyes and after a little later the eyes will feel cold.Take one table spoon of honey with one glass of water. Shake the glass very slowly. If honey is completely dissolved in water, it is soaked honey And if the honey is in the form of small piends in the water, it is pure honey.

Keep moving honey and methylated spirit in equal proportion. Pure honey will not be dissolved and deposited in the pool. Milk will dissolve the adulterated honey and mix the methylated spirit.

A cotton bud is not sinking in its sweetness with one end. Then pick up and shake the light. Burning a candle or lighter, it flows into the flames. If it burns, honey is pure and if it does not burn, then the water is mixed with honey. If a little amount of water is mixed in honey, the cotton will be burning on fire, but cracking sounds can be heard.

Take a few drops of honey in blotting paper and observe it. The authentic honey will not be absorbed by the blotting paper. The soaked honey will moisten the blotting paper.Take a small amount of honey on a piece of white cloth and after some time wash the cloth. If there is a scar on the cloth after the wash, then there is no harm in the honey. And if there is no scar, honey is pure.

Half a teaspoon (plastic made of honey) in the middle of a glass or white bowl. Then slowly pouring cold water around the ball. When the water is covered with honey, stop pouring water. Then lift the ballot and turn around the clock clockwise for two minutes. The authentic honey will not dissolve in the water even after this movement and will hold the hexagonal shape which is almost like the look of the coma.Without these tests, you can be sure of the authentic honey, if you can bring honey from the honey from the present.

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