Explore The Best Features Of Dekton Worktops

If you are one of those who believes in following the latest trends and want their homes to look beautiful at all times, here is something interesting for you.

Dekton worktops are quite trending these days and are seen in modern kitchens. Here are the important features of these worktops that make them special: –

  • They are highly resistant to ultraviolet rays. Thus, even if your kitchen gets a lot of natural light, the colour is not going to fade away for a long time. This makes them durable for kitchens as your worktop will not be degrading so easily.
  • Dekton worktops are the most scratch-resistant variants available in the market. You do not easily see scratches on them making the finishing of your kitchen look smooth. However, this does not mean that you do not use chopping boards in your kitchen and keep testing the strength of the worktops.
  • These worktops are perfect for those who are a bit clumsy and have a habit of spilling food and drinks in the kitchen every now and then. They are stain proof. Thus, they can be cleaned easily and your kitchen will not stay dirty for a long time. And, if there are some hard stains that cannot be cleaned by regular household cleaners, you can even go for the special cleaning solutions to wipe off the stains from them.
  • Dekton kitchen worktops have a high heat resistance making them right for kitchens. You do not have to worry about ugly marks on the worktops that tend to be left after you place a hot vessel on them. The material will not be spoiled, degraded and fade away even when being exposed to high heat.
  • They are extremely strong. When you set up a comparison between the popular types of worktops, these turn out to be stronger than most of the available choices. So, even if you accidentally drop a vessel on your kitchen worktop, you do not have to worry much about the surface being damaged.
  • They are non-porous in nature. Therefore, even if a liquid is spilt on the surface, it will not be absorbed in the surface. This is another exciting feature of these worktops because it eliminates the chances of discolouration of surface which is a common problem in kitchens when you have other types of worktops. So, using these worktops will ensure that your kitchen surface stays beautiful and smooth for a long time.
  • Since they are non-porous, they are easy to clean. This makes them perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle and cannot afford to spend a long time in the cleaning of the kitchen. Just wipe off the surface using a regular cleaning solution and water and you will be see sparking worktop in your kitchen.
  • It is not a natural material. Therefore, you have the option of choosing the colour as per your preference. The colour will be harmonious and even throughout the surface. Thus, it will easily blend with the look of your kitchen. You can instruct the manufacturer and even ask for a special style as per your need.
  • These worktops can be huge in size depending upon your needs. This eliminates the possibility of joints on your kitchen surface. When there are no joints, the surface will surely look smooth and more beautiful as compared to those kitchen surfaces that have a joint after every few feet. Also, they can easily be cut into your desired shape. This makes it easier for you to get them in the desired shape and size.
  • They are usually available in three thickness measures- 8mm, 12mm and 20mm. So, you can choose the right dekton worktop thickness depending upon the design you are going for.
  • There are over 30 usual colours for you to choose from. Also, the customization option is available. This makes it easy for people to buy these worktops in their desired colour and make their kitchen look beautiful and be durable at the same time.
  • They will blend into almost all the themes of the kitchen. So, it does not matter whether you have a contemporary kitchen or a traditional one, you can always use these worktops to make them look more beautiful.

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