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10 secret features your favorite app has that you may not know about


All hail the apps. Apps are magnificent, we’re surrounded by the app tech so much that they have become an integral part of our lives. We have got so many apps installed on our phones and we can hardly keep a track of them all the time. Sometimes it becomes a hassle to update all the apps, a better option is to let the apps get updated automatically to save yourself some time. This can even make simplify our lives and secure us from against malware attacks but it doesn’t have any harmful effects.

Majority of the people are unaware of what their mobile apps can do and what are they capable of after getting updated. With every new update comes new features which we may not know about until they get discovered. Without any delay, let us look at the top features your favorite app have in store for you.

Save your favorite place to visit on Google’s wish list

For someone who loves to travel, Google has updated the version by adding favorite places features on Google Maps. Tap on the golden star to drop a place on the saving card. You can select and mark any place you would like to visit and add it to your wish list. There’s a “want to go “feature where you can add your favorite places.

Gmail will reply you back

Gmail is now capable of responding you back instantly based on the context of the email you have received. You don’t need to search and wait for the reply by checking your inbox again and again. You just need to scroll down to the bottom of the mail and if it believes it needs a response it will give you three response to select from.

Use Facebook to find places that have Wi-Fi

Another great feature that a great app is providing location of places offering internet connection. Facebook allows user especially travelers to discover nearby places that have Wi-Fi connection available. Anyone who’s looking for ways how to get online can easily look for a place that will offer them internet connectivity.

Gmail feature works in the background

Gmail is eager to provide security to the users to save from the hackers and the criminals. They have been working effortlessly to improve Gmail’s security by providing scanners and ability to catch the fake links. You won’t notice this earlier but you’ll notice how scam emails have reduced.

Share any files on WhatsApp

After the latest WhatsApp update, the possibility has opened up for sending any files via WhatsApp according to the file size. The file size limit set for the new update is 128mb for iOS, 64mb on PC, and 100mb on Android. Take advantage of this feature and send files conveniently through WhatsApp.

Make Gif with Facebook

Gif’s are the new best thing, receiving popularity from all around the world. Users are in a race to use the best Gifs and make their own Gif’s according to a perfect situation. Facebook has given a great opportunity for the users to make their own Gif’s within the app and share it with your friends. You will get to know if your app is providing the option to make your own Gif when you open the camera within the app.

Download series and films on Netflix

You might not know about this but you can now download films and series on Netflix. All you have to do is go to the menu bar on the left side and you’ll see a section of “Available for Download” Click on it and you’ll get the downloaded version to watch it later.

Share Spotify codes

Sharing songs has now become easier with Spotify. To do this, you need to open the menu next to the song or album and you can see the code there with a soundwave. If your friend wants the song, he can point the camera towards the code and scan it to get the song instantly.

Mute the haters on Twitter

Not everyone can hate handle. Twitter has added an option for the users to mute their accounts they don’t want to get hear from. If you wish to mute someone, go to the Notifications, click on the Settings then go to Advanced filters. Remove the negative people out of your account and enjoy peace and quiet.

 Trace your friends on Facebook, Google Maps, Snapchat, and Apple Maps

You can now send your location and your friends can track your live location of your family and friends using these apps. We saw the introduction of this feature in limited mobile apps but now it can be seen in a wide range of apps.

So these are the top 10 super handy features that you need to start using to make your life simple.

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