What are The Negative Effects of Smartphones on Students ?

The negative impact of smartphones on students has always been the topic since long. With the concern of the younger generation, their health and addictions, smartphones definitely contribute in pacing up the ill-effects. There has been assignment help provided online although, but the negativity doesn’t fade away as much as there is a continuous growing adverse matters on the internet which can deteriorate a child’s mentality later on.

Though a big attraction for many, some of the negative impacts of smartphones on students that sooner need to be addressed are mentioned below:

  1. Lesser concentration – With an excessive use of mobile phones, students tend to forget things in their daily lives more easily and this continuity generates a passive mind of the youth. It becomes more difficult to concentrate on studies and activities.
  2. Stressful minds – It is a big job for the parents to distract their child from mobile phones. Because the addiction has grown too far, students do not realize that at this young age gaining an expensive and up to date mobile phone is not good. Kids tend to develop a habit of being more materialistic further in life. Some assignment help online has initiated the practice of continuous reminders addressing the negative impact of smartphones on students.
  3. Comparatively low academic results – Students tend to get so much addicted to mobile phones that they feel less motivated to study and their marks degrade subsequently. Banning mobiles in schools is something that triggers education in the right way and there are surveys that depict that this practice has also facilitated improvements in student’s academic results.
  4. Vision impairment – With the introduction of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and gaming applications, children are more on the social media, which wastes their valuable time at a fast pace.
  5. Internet bullying – Young children are not yet at the age of maturity, face cyber bullying. It has adverse effects on children of young age. Assignment help Australia has catered to such issues of cyber bullying and made regulation that would protect the interests of children and their mental health. Increase in aggression, suicidal rates, depression and loss of confidence, are some of the consequences of internet bullying.

To conclude, the above points noted prove that the impact of smartphones on students are definitely not good and could deteriorate the education system wholly. Inspite of many efforts made by the education system to get improvement in students, excessive use of smartphones could depreciate the students’ performance in educational institutions. It is very crucial to maintain a balance between the pros and the cons of its usage, so that it does not badly affect concentration, sleep patterns, procrastination and stress in students. It the use is limited, then all the above negatives turn into a boon and help the world develop more technologically in a smart way. With controlled usage comes the positive impact of smartphones on students, that could socially and economically help nations to educate themselves in the latest manner.

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