The Unbelievable Benefits for the Immune System When You Use Cannabis

Many users of medicinal cannabis tend to use it for counteracting the symptoms of a chronic condition, rather than as a method to keep in good health. Research into the benefits of cannabis for the immune system is quite patchy, but certainly should be looked at in greater detail.

Researchers have recently uncovered evidence which seems to suggest that cannabinoids can help the ECS (endocannabinoid system) function. In Layman’s terms, this is a system of receptors (CB1 and CB2) which are found throughout the human body. In this system, the endocannabinoids are able to help keep the ECS functioning at its optimum, which maintains health, as well as helping with counteracting any pain that a patient may suffer from as part of a chronic pain condition.

If an immune system becomes out of balance, this is when problems occur. For example, multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease which is due in part to an unbalanced immune system, so if the immune system can be balanced with cannabis, would this see a reduction in these conditions being diagnosed? It certainly seems possible.

In fact, researchers have focussed a lot in recent times on the effect of cannabis with regards to a patient with Multiple Sclerosis. Although there is currently no viable cure available for this terrible disease, researchers have been working hard to find a link between cannabis and MS to lessen the symptoms that patients experience.

Individuals with a weak immune system should consider using cannabis as part of a healthy diet, as it can lead to improvements in your health if the anecdotal evidence is anything to go by.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Cannabis is also known to express excellent anti-inflammatory properties. If for example you are exposed to toxins, the immune system reacts to this by becoming inflamed. This is why cannabis is able to help, as it responds to this inflammation by bonding to receptors to reduce this inflammatory response.

Many people suffer from chronic inflammation and pain conditions, so using cannabis on a regular basis is able to help this. Researchers also believe that cannabis can have a beneficial effect on Alzheimers and Parkinson’s, but also for more common conditions such as Crohn’s disease.

Let us know if you have been using cannabis to help your immune system stay healthy. Have you been finding success? Also, we’d recommend you visit your local dispensary for help with selecting the best strain for your own personal use.

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Written by Kevin Matthews

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